A Bit of History


Eli Kennedy Howell came to Texas from Alabama following the Civil War and purchased 369.5 acres of land from John A. and Mattie Gale on September 21,1886. He had three children: James Nicholas, A.A. and E.K. Eli was responsible for founding the Green’s Creek Baptist Church where many in Dublin worship. This church is still in existance today.

James Nicholas acquired and expanded the ranch in 1908. He operated a small dairy and sold feed, peanut hulls and oats to surrounding dairies. He married Antha Pearl Hennessee and they had three children: James Nicholas, Jr., Paul Kennedy, and Charlotte Ellen.

James Nicholas Howell, Jr. acquired and expanded the ranch in 1961. As Erath County continued its development as a leading agricultural center, James diversified the ranch by bringing in sheep and Angora goats in addition to improving pasture with coastal and love grasses. James improved fences and barns, instituted a government sponsored mesquite control program and constructed stock tanks. He married Effie Mae Beseda and they had five children: James Nicholas III, Mary Hollis, Stephen Sanders, Kerry Vance, and Leslie Anna.

James Jr.’s children acquired the ranch in 1990. Stephen and his family continue to live and work on the ranch raising quality Angus replacement commercial stock as well as establishing a registered Texas Longhorn breeding program. All four members of the Stephen Howell family graduated from the University of Texas so breeding registered Texas Longhorns just seemed like the perfect fit for the family. Hook 'em Horns!


Dates of Ownership

1886-1908 Eli Kennedy Howell
1908-1961  James Nicholas Howell, Sr. 
1961-1990  James Nicholas Howell, Jr. 
1990-Present  Stephen S. Howell 
  James Nicholas Howell, III 
  Mary Hollis Howell 
  Kerry Vance Howell
  Leslie Anna Howell Bloom 

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