Howell Texas Longhorn Beef

In the 1800's the Texas Longhorn almost became extinct because the beef did not produce enough
fatty meat. Today, consumers are rethinking that whole concept with many of us seeking the
leanest, healthiest beef product available. Look no further than the Howell Ranch for leaner,
healthier, 100% all natural beef.

Consumers can choose between 95% lean beef by selecting registered Longhorn beef or slightly
more fatty beef by selecting one of our Angus-cross beef products. Just know by selecting a calf
from the Howell livestock herds that you will be selecting a healthy, all natural product with no
additives or hormone replacement supplements added to our feed. All of our livestock are purely
grass and/or grain fed.

Texas Longhorn Beef has that great beefy flavor without all the saturated fat! Howell Ranch cattle
are not confined to commercial feed lots to fatten up and thrive, but rather all of our livestock are
free to graze on native grasses in open pastures across our 500 acres.

SOURCE: USDA National Nutrient Database For Standard Reference, Release 16, 2003. separable lean and fat Quanta Lab, San Antonio - nutritional analysis, July 2003.  Average of 3 oz. boneless eye of round steak, cooked, and 3 oz. Boneless New York strip steak, cooked.

100 % All Natural Longhorn beef means this beef . . . 

    • is free from antibiotics, steroids, and growth hormones that you find in supermarket beef. 
    • has a Low Fat Content - Only 3.7 grams of fat per 3.5 oz. serving of Longhorn Beef, 
    compared with 15-20 grams of fat for the same size serving of regular beef cows. 
    • has Lower Cholesterol - Only 61.5 mg of cholesterol per 3.5 oz. serving as compared 
    with 90 mg for the same serving of regular beef cows. 
    • has Fewer Calories - Only 120 calories per serving of Texas Longhorn Lean Beef as 
    compared to 190 calories for regular beef.

Whether you select from our registered Texas Longhorn stock or from our commercial Angus-cross
herd, you’ll know that you’ve selected the healthiest alternative for beef for your family.

Visit our ranch, examine the livestock, and select your beef. We’ll assist you in determining the weight
you wish for processing. If you wish, we can recommend several processing facilities in our area. It’s
as simple as that!

You will have your selected beef packaged to meet your unique specifications, and you’ll be receiving
Central Market quality meat for a fraction of the price. Contact us for details.

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